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About me

My work attitude is always positive and energetic as I believe laughter is key to a successful game and studio/team.


I consider myself a highly sociable and passionate person who loves to go out with friends and generally just have as much fun as possible.


I have a diverse collection of Japanese anime that I love to watch and add to and yes you guessed it, I play lots of video games too.


I aspire to learn new and interesting things to better myself so in my spare time I actively go onto Digital Tutors; this is also a hobby of mine.


Below are pictures of my hobbies. 

Studios Worked For
What people say about me

Sean Storey - Senior Game Designer at Jagex

Jonny is one of the most passionate and talented game designers I had the pleasure of working with during my career.


During the time we worked together he continuously displayed an impressive capability of learning new skills quickly and adapting to new situations.

Jonny is one of the (if not the most) passionate and enthusiastic designers I've had the good fortune to work with.


His personality is one of unlimited eagerness, willingness and approachability with a genuine intent to want to produce amazing work and self improve. I have no doubt that he is capable and will continue on the road to be a great designer.



Pete Brisbourne - Senior Game Designer at Jagex

Mete Djemal - Lead Game Designer at DR Studios

Jonny is a very dedicated, hard working individual who has a  passion  for his work and the games industry.


He is very versatile and will always produce great work regardless of the task. Jonny's enthusiasm always shines through and is a great guy to work with.



Jonny is a pleasure to work with. His creative and passionate approach to his work is a positive influence on those around him.


He has consistently been able to demonstrate his potential even in adverse and difficult circumstances, managing tight constraints and ambiguity with ease to demonstrate consistently excellent results.



Rich Barham - Director Of Community Engagement at Jagex

Jason Pickthall - Lead Concept artist at Freestyle Games

Jonny is one of, if not the most dedicated designers I've ever worked with. Junior or otherwise. He has a honest charisma that makes him very easy to work with and offer direction and advice to. 

As well as his character attributes Jonny has a wide spectrum of knowledge ranging from design, motion graphic production to project management. 



Working with Jonny was a real pleasure, his passion and enthusiasm, shines through everything he commits to.


His thirst for knowledge is only matched by his personal drive to succeed.



Tony Bickley - CEO and Founder, Team Dart Development

Vincent Marsland - Community Manager at Jagex

Jonny has one of the best work ethics and drives towards self improvement that I have ever seen. When confronted by an obstacle, for example a game engine he hasn't coded in before, he will diligently come early, stay late, and learn from home in order to fill any missing gaps in his knowledge. 

This work ethic combined with his always positive outlook leaves me to believe that he has no limit to how successful he can be working on any task, or within any organisation



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